The Centre for Child and Family Justice Research

Established in 2016

The Centre for Child and Family Justice Research is co-hosted by the Department of Sociology and the Lancaster Law School and works in close collaboration with the Data Science Institute.  Critical to our work is collaboration with a range of national and international policy and practice organisations.

Our Aims

  • To provide a supportive and vibrant scholarly environment for child and family justice researchers, nationally and internationally.
  • To progress new standards for methodological rigour and innovation in socio-legal research.
  • To collaborate with policy and practice colleagues as well as children and families to shape research policy and practice agendas.

Child and Family Justice in Context

Bringing together academics, practitioners and policy makers, the work of the Centre focuses on the formal operation of family justice systems, but also broader social justice concerns. The Centre’s mission is to progress cutting-edge research that has real-world impacts. Our explicit aims to improve the lives of children, young people and families.

In partnership with the SAIL Databank, Cafcass England and Cafcass Cymru, the Centre is progressing a major programme of work to increase the safe and ethical use of controlled data for family justice research. This programme of work is funded by the Nuffield Foundation and is a major stream of activity within the new Nuffield Family Justice Observatory.

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