Women in Recurrent Care Proceedings in Wales: a first benchmarking report

Bachar Alrouh, Karen Broadhurst, and Linda Cusworth (February 2020)

Born into Care: Wales - full report (English)

Bachar Alrouh, Karen Broadhurst, Linda Cusworth, Lucy Griffiths, Rhodri D. Johnson, Ashley Akbari and David Ford (October 2019)

Special Guardianship: a review of the evidence - summary report

John Simmonds, Judith Harwin, Rebecca Brown and Karen Broadhurst (August 2019)

Children looked after away from home aged five and under in Scotland: experiences, pathways and outcomes - final report

Authors: Linda Cusworth, Nina Biehal, Helen Whincup, Margaret Grant and Alison Hennessy

The contribution of supervision orders and special guardianship to children’s lives and family justice - summary report

Authors: Professor Judith Harwin, Dr Bachar Alrouh, Ms Lily Golding, Ms Tricia McQuarrie, Professor Karen Broadhurst and Dr Linda Cusworth

Exploring the Pathways between Care and Custody for Girls and Women: A Literature Review

Claire Fitzpatrick, Katie Hunter, Jo Staines and Julie Shaw (October 2019)

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