Building trauma-informed responses in supporting sexual and reproductive health: a community practice approach

Project Dates

April 2020 - March 2021


Public Health England

Project Summary

The Centre, working as part of a consortium of organisations has secured a grant from Public Health England (PHE) to develop a Community of Practice for practitioners working with parents who have had children removed from their care through public family law proceedings. The funding has been secured under PHE’s Reproductive Health, Sexual Health and HIV Innovation Fund and will particularly focus on building practice responses to the reproductive and sexual health needs of this population. The project aims to develop public health perspectives on supporting reproductive and sexual health in the context of developmental and relational trauma, stigma and complicated grief. The Community of Practice aims to support an emergent, often isolated workforce to meet PHE priorities for the sexual health of this population.

This 12-month national project comprises two strands of work:

1: Service Mapping. Providing the first national overview of existing, specialist services for this population.

2: Developing and online Community of Practice (CoP) and open access resource repository for practitioners working with parents who have had children removed from their care through court proceedings.

The project builds on the Centre’s strong track record of research and development in this field, including recurrent care proceedings for mothers and fathers, and infants who become looked after in England, Wales, and Scotland.

Research Team

Claire Mason (Research Fellow/Lancaster lead)

Cath Hill (Research Associate)

Karen Broadhurst (advisor to the project)

External Collaborators

Research in Practice (Project lead)

Essex University


Nuffield Family Justice Observatory


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